Teljes verzió megtekintése : Android Hugary / Budapest apps

2010-08-01, 11:40
Hi all,

First of sorry for speaking English. I'm from the Netherlands and my Hungarian isn't the greatest. (I hope I place this topic at the right location)

I'm going on holiday to Hungary in a couple of days. I thought there might be some handy Android apps for Hungary / Budapest. (Trams, other public transport. etc.)

I hope some of you could help me find some good applications I could use on my Android phone during my holiday in Budapest!

Kind regards,


2010-08-01, 14:58
Hi Chris!

Sorry, but the selection of the hungarian android applications are very poor!Noithing to do, you must be used a nice book about Budapest! Welcome and have a nice time in Budapest!

2010-08-01, 17:03
Hi Chris,

Layar is a really good application, but it's not about public transport (as i know, there is no Android app. about public transport).

2010-08-01, 19:56
Here is some: